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Do You Long for a Deeper, More Soulful Connection With Nature?

Are you a resident or visitor of the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area who longs for ideas on how to have a more contemplative, spiritual relationship with nature?

More than just a hiking guide, Contemplative Hiking Along the Colorado Front Range is for those who want to experience a new appreciation of the land. Learn how to read nature’s omens for deeper insights, cultivate your inner wisdom, and develop a keener awareness of the nuances of flora and fauna in every season along the Front Range.

The trails described in this book are located along the foothills and mountain areas north of Ft. Collins to southwest of Denver’s suburbs. Ecopsychologist Margaret Emerson offers detailed contemplative activities and practices for each specific trail to enable you to feel more grounded, more present, and more in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.

This book contains dozens of beautiful black and white photos taken from the featured hikes. You can write your impressions and answer the questions posed in each chapter directly in the book, as it is set up "journal-style".

This books makes a wonderful gift for the nature-lover or hiker in your life.

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What Readers Are Saying:

"...We tried an Autumn hike (Autumn Equinox-non-atttachment and letting go). My friend enjoyed the silence soo much we didn't even talk on the way home except to say she needed to express the experience with words. I suggested a circle i.e. talking piece or journal. We used the talking peice. It was a great way to finish the experience in a sacred space and have an ending rather than keep talking about the experience. We hope to do more walks together. Thanks again Margaret for sharing your book."

"Just wanted to let you know the deep energetic affect the contemplative hike I took the other day had...I think putting questions about my relationship with my dad "out there" (nature/universe) for an answer moved significant energy blocking me from moving forward."

"Spending time outdoors can be therapeutic, especially when guided by Emerson's simple, yet meaningful thought-exercises. Sharing this book with friends and neighbors is a great way to start important discussions about the living world in your local community."

About the author:

Margaret Emerson, M.A., is a freelance writer and designer who has been exploring the foothills and mountains of Colorado for most of her adult life. She holds a master’s degree in ecopsychology from Naropa University. Her articles on ecopsychology have appeared in several online magazines, including the Elephant Journal. She is active in the local food and sustainability movement, and writes a regular blog at www.ContemplativeHiking.com.

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List of Themes, Trail Locations and Page Numbers

Spring Hikes

Spring Equinox Meditation
Hall Ranch Open Space Park p. 36

Contemplating April Wildflowers
South Boulder Creek Trail p. 42

Landscape and Mood—Fowler Trail to
Goshawk Ridge Trail p. 47

Emotional and Physical Healing
Buffalo Creek Burn Trail p. 51

The Value and Sacredness of Land—Pawnee Buttes p. 58

Summer Hikes

Feeling Your Place in Time—Bobcat Ridge Natural Area p. 68

The Spirit of a Place—Anne. U. White Trail p. 75

How to Do a Medicine Walk—Coulson Gulch p. 81

Noticing People Enjoying Nature—Devil’s Head Lookout p. 90

Different Ways of Seeing Nature—Lone Pine Trail
and the Bald Mountains. p. 98

You and the New Cosmology—Brainard Lake
and the Isabelle Lake Trail p. 107

Autumn Hikes

Autumn Equinox—Non-Attachment and Letting Go p. 118

Masculine and Feminine Energy—Reynolds Park p. 126

The Tree Game—Flatirons Vista Trail p. 134

Art, Nature, and the Subconscious
White Ranch Open Space Park p. 141

A Respite from Stress—South Mesa Trail p. 169

Sensory Awareness and Expansion—Heil Valley Ranch p. 155

Winter Hikes

Winter Solstice Sunrise Ritual—Flatirons Vista Trail p. 164

Winter Family Hike—Bear Canyon Trail p. 169

Gratitude Hike—Bergen Peak and Elk Meadows p. 173

Sunrise or Sunset Hike to Experience Beauty
—Sugarloaf Mountain p. 178

Cultivating Inner Knowing—Golden Gate State Park p. 186

Winter Fatigue and the Power of Now—Wild Basin p. 194

A Year of Contemplative Hiking p. 202